Information Technology

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Samadhan is an initiative for help desk management. It provides an integrated console to monitor all departments requests generated from the users in an organization. The help desk plays an important part in the provision of all department Services. It is very often the first contact the users have in their use of Services when something does not work as expected. The help desk is a single point of contact for end users who need help. To make the process of reporting the issues to the help desk easier, Help Desk provides you with a Self-Service Portal where you can log your complaints and issues online with the help of a web-based form. Once you have filed your issue, it gets listed in your tickets page, where you can keep track of the logged issue.


Udaan is a rewards and recognition program for our valued Distributors.

This program has been started with the objective of recognizing and rewarding their top performance. Through this program, we offer series of initiatives to strengthen our relationship. Wings Udaan program is open to all authorized distributors of Wings Pharmaceuticals(OTC) division.



AMBAR is the acronym for Automated Mobile based Business Application for Redistribution. AMBAR helps our field sales team to streamline the daily reporting requirements. The sales team works on an advanced mobile app for order booking and critical sales report on company provided smartphones. Their managers can also view daily reports of their reporting team members on their mobile or laptops. There is no paperwork involved for reporting and data flow is realtime.

Eklavya (Training Application) LMS

Eklavya is the first OTC Training application which is driving the Wings LMS to achieve the objective of "E-learn - Any time Anywhere"for all resources. At Wings we believe in keep updated our resources to maximise his potential having knowledge & information availability and to avoid any business loss occurred due to absence of knowledge, information & coaching


HR at Wings Pharma is not just a Business Partner however a Business Enabler. Suvidha is yet another initiative of HR team which enables employee to have real time access to almost all possible payroll related queries. Under the banner of Suvidha we tied up with one of the expert in the industry- DKM Online who helped our employees in getting the following benefits:

  • Access to Employee's Personal Details
  • Access to Employee's Compliance Information- PF/ ESIC/ VPF
  • Access to Salary Slips
  • Access to Leave Balance
  • Access to Tax- TDS Computation, Investment Declaration, Tax Card
  • Links of all relevant websites- UAN Portal/ ESIC/ ITR/ Mediclaim Service Provider etc.

What adds more exhilaration to this initiative is that these all cluster of benefits have tech support to it which helps our employee to have access to the above information over any means of communication- Mobile(SMS), Mobile based Application, Web portal etc.

With this initiative HR practices at Wings has witnessed the new level of excellence. This just not benefited our employees but also helped our HR operations team in utilizing their time in other value add job which used to get exhausted only in query handling.


SAP Go-Live in Wings Pharma with 6 core modules (FI, CO, SD, MM, PP, QM) for 2 Mfg. plants & all stock depots

Major Benefits :Tight Integration with key functions like Production, Materials Management, Sales & Distribution and Financial Accounting with standardization of Chart of Accounts across group

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