Wings Metabolic Care

Wings has recognised the reality on the basis of various realistic statistics which reflect that India is very soon going to be a Diabetes, Hypertension, Obesity capital of the world, yielding maximum detriment to countless lives in the coming years. Ironically, these diseases together have gained an epithet 'Lifestyle Diseases' (Metabolistic diseases to be specific, technically). There will be an enormous need for drugs to manage the disorders like Diabetes,Hypertension, Dyslipidaemia and increasing co-morbidities complications and non-compliance at large. Therefore,Wings forayed in the spectrum as Wings Biotech Limited, and is steadfast in creating drugs in the Prescriptions and Branded Formulations segments with solutions to counter the problems.Wings Metabolic Care is based out of Mumbai, Maharashtra and is focused on lifestyle disorders.Our team consists of healthcare professionals who have years of expertise in this

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