Wings R & D

Wing's for more than 30 years have been extending their philosophy of 'where health meets care' by offering their range of high quality medicines by complying with international quality standards - Diclowin, Orasore and Medilice to name a few. Wing's constant commitment for bringing quality and innovation in its pharmaceutical products have given technologies such as carbofast, Hydroshell, Aqua Magnet and more.

Innovative Healthcare Solutions

Our research team depicts the perfect amalgamation of a well-seasoned team of proficient and experienced scientists, technicians and chemists who work relentlessly to solve tough challenges and provide innovative solutions for patients with our all-rounder pharmaceutical products.Aimed to benefit patients and deliver intellectual property to the organization, we continually strive to discover engineering solution of drug therapies to improve safety and efficacy.

Wing's therapeutic product portfolio includes a plethora of formulations from Pain Relief Management, Mouth Care, Cough therapy and more which have been highly trusted by patients and doctors across the globe.

At Wing's the three divisions; Research and Development, Quality Assurance and Quality control work in a synchronized fashion to deliver the quality products to end consumes. In addition, a new dimension has been adapted by means of modern analytical tools to methodically support the traditional knowledge.

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