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Wincold Range

Wincold is India's premier cold and cough range. Wincold products are medically trusted, safe, effective and undergo rigorous quality control checks before reaching its consumers. Available in India for many years . Available as Spray and Tablet.

  • #1 Cold and Cough Relief Specialist
  • 7 Symptoms Relived
  • 2 Minutes formula

Wincold CZ Tablet

Wincold CZ tablet is used to control coughing associated with the flu, a cold, or due to inhaled irritants. Also, provide relief from stuffy nose, sinus, and ear symptoms caused by the common cold, flu or allergies. This medication works by decreasing swelling in the nose and ears, thereby lessening discomfort and making it easier to breathe.


Wincold Nasal Spray

Wincold Nasal Spray's aqueous isotonic solution goes directly into the nasal track clearing the mucus on its way giving you a clear unblocked nose. What more, Wincold Nasal Spray comes in a pocket size bottle that is easy to use and easy to carry.


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