Product Technology

Product technological innovations and strategy has been an innate part Wings. Each product technology gives better resulting and effective healthcare solutions.

AquaMagnetTM Technology

Aqua Magnet™ Technology is Heelmate’s trademark technology that has a 3 step action of Attract-Lock-Heal
for cracked heel repair.


Ingredients attract moisture from inside-&-out to heels.


Ingredients lock the moisture at heels


natural extracts reduce swelling, provide pain relief & soften the heel.

CarbofastTM Technology

Our trademark procedure followed to blend the ingredients during manufacture of DiCLOWiN Products. Exclusive mixing action at a specific temperature triggers the actives in the ingredients. These 'actives' enable the application to spread quickly and uniformly. Its non-greasy formula aids in faster absorption and deeper penetration of the salts inside the skin and provides faster relief from pain.

HydroshellTM Technology

Hydroshell Technology is a Hairsheild"s trademark technology which makes hair stronger and healthier by a special hydrolysed protein that covers itself to the hair and has Ambusfog cling to this protective layer to kill lice and eggs effectively.

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